Cloud Consumption assessment

With Cisco Cloud Consumption Assessment Service, you will better understand how your organization is using the cloud. This one-time, eight-week assessment identifies which cloud services are being used in your business and provides you with details on cloud usage, costs, and risks.

The service includes a cloud-readiness assessment, automated cloud discovery, web dashboard access, and a cloud-use workshop and report. We start by placing data collection tools in your network to detect cloud usage, observing network traffic from routers and switches over three to four weeks. We will identify the CSPs being used by your employees, their categories, risk profiles, and traffic volumes. You can explore and analyze this information using a customizable web-based dashboard.

After collecting your cloud consumption information, our cloud experts will conduct a cloud use assessment workshop and create a detailed written report that includes: 

  • Risk rankings for each cloud service and recommendations for reducing exposure
  • Cloud spend analysis and cost-avoidance scenarios
  • Cloud use and governance best practices, including a cloud maturity assessment

Cloud consumption optimization

With this service, we start by identifying which cloud services your employees are already using. Over the course of the year, we move from assessing your use of cloud services to developing tools and processes for managing cloud providers, implementing a model for governing providers, and optimizing cloud governance.

Ongoing Cloud Usage Monitoring: The Cloud Consumption Optimization Service subscription also gives you access to the Cisco Cloud Consumption as a Service offering. This service identifies and monitors your cloud use, benchmarking it against peer groups. It analyzes CSP usage trends and identifies individuals in your organization who are using cloud services. It can also help you manage risk by providing information on CSP certifications and compares vendors against nearly 150 industry-defined cloud risk controls. Cloud Consumption as a Service also provides data security notifications and trigger-based alerts that detect abnormal usage patterns and service anomalies.

Cloud Assessments and Cloud Roadmap: After you identify the cloud services in use by your organization, our cloud experts will create a detailed analysis and provide you with actionable strategies to help reduce risks and mitigate costs. We’ll also conduct quarterly cloud usage workshops, deliver reports reviewing usage trends and new security risks, and develop cloud spending and saving recommendations.

The [assessment] provided valuable insight into how [we] are using cloud services, enabling our team to understand where our data is going, to which service and underlying cloud providers, and most importantly provided us with an instant view of the risks, costs being taken either with or without the knowledge of wider legal, commercial and IT teams. This insight gives the valuable input to take the appropriate action plan to assure our business services can operate effectively and securely.
— Head of Technical Architecture, Global Automobile Manufacturer