Reduce Risk, Stay Compliant, and Cut Costs

You’re using 15-22 times more cloud services than you realize, leading to serious security and compliance risks – and it could cost you.

Cisco Cloud Consumption as a Service can help you discover exactly what cloud services you’re using down to who’s using what and where the security concerns are. Gain a complete view of your organization's cloud usage so you can reduce risk, stay compliant, and cut costs.

Try Cloud Consumption as a Service free-of-charge for 30 days with up to 1 million traffic records to see how you can:

  • Reduce cloud security, privacy, and compliance risks and protect your brand and intellectual property. Deliver cloud services faster to meet line-of-business needs.
  • Simplify cloud management with the right people, process, and tools.
  • Reduce your cloud costs up to 15 percent by consolidating cloud services.
  • Improve service performance by foreseeing infrastructure impact.

See the power of Cisco Cloud Consumption as a Service at no risk and gain new visibility into your shadow IT problem. You’ll be glad you did. For additional information, contact the Cloud Consumption Team